Doctorate & Post Doctorate in Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is the science behind the operation of the modern every-day life items such as food, clothes, cosmetics, detergents, paper, paint, tyres, chemicals etc. As an academic discipline, Chemical Engineering essentially involves an advanced study of the concepts such as:

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer and Mass Transfer
  • Reaction Engineering
  • Process Control, Process Engineering
  • Process Optimization
  • Design of chemical manufacturing equipment such as reactors, and distillation, absorption and extraction columns using computer software
  • Inter-disciplinary research
  • Experiential learning

Rapid development in technology and subsequent increase in the need for sustainable development has caused a need to focus on safety and environmental pollution control in manufacturing.

The program includes advanced coursework in Mathematics (Calculus and Differential Equations), Chemistry, Statistics, Engineering, Macromolecules, Research and Engineering Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Chemical Process Engineering, Quantum Mechanics, Gas Chromatography, Bioengineering, renewable energy, and plastics.


Doctorate holders in Chemical Engineering are professionally trained in terms of:

  • advanced mathematical and scientific research understanding and applying chemical manufacturing processes and their impact on the environment, workers, and consumers.
  • Operating in area specializations including Environmental Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Waste Engineering, etc.

Manufacturing Engineers are both designers and analytical and creative thinkers. Their job role involves improving the process of producing high-quality goods efficiently using the most cost-effective methods. They work towards the aim of reducing the impact of production on the environment.

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