Doctorate & Post Doctorate in Food Science and Technology

Food Science and Technology is a vast sector which is growing into a popular stream all across the world. It primarily deals with the conversion of raw food ingredients into actual food. Candidates through this program are given a broader perspective of its application in industries, methodologies for preservation, packaging, distribution of food and why is it necessary to provide clean food without compromising on its nutritional content.

Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology course is a comprehensive study of Food techniques used to preserve its nutritional value alongside ways to provide the customer food with high nutrition. Candidates are acquainted with the modernized techniques which allow the practitioners and professionals to develop the nutritional components present in the food making them worthy of consumption for animals as well as humans.

As Food Science and Technology is a growing field with more and more youngsters opting for its study, there are a lot of lucrative opportunities available in the nation as well as abroad. Candidates are taught about the essentials needed in food production and its processing, which is the 5th largest industry in the world. After the completion of the course, the students have opportunities in fields of food processing, restaurants, food security, Hotel and much more. The overall aim of the course is to strengthen in students the traits of leadership, innovation, and analytical skills in order apply them to the work front in future.


Doctorates of Food Science and Technology or Graduates of Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology have a wide arena of career scope after the successful completion of the program. Many colleges and institutions have their own placement cells wherein popular companies come to hire eligible candidates. They can either begin their career as professional lecturers at academic institutions and universities.

They can join prominent Restaurants, Hotels, Private and Public sectors, Food Research Companies, etc, working in the position of food processing engineering, Food Researcher, agro-processing engineer, a biomedical engineer and many more.

Design new system for checking the quality of the food products.

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