Doctorate & Post Doctorate in History

Ph.D. in History explains a broad view of social, cultural, religious, political and economic developments from the prehistoric times. Students are taught lessons which typically includes an introduction view point of the people movements and the important events of those periods around this world.

This course teaches students about how the physical, political, social, and mental worlds that we in habit came to be and students also learn how we might integrate the historical disciplines that usually which is not connected with the society. This study teaches the students about our culture and traditions followed in the medieval ages.

This course also provides students with an introduction overview of our historical museums, paintings, sculptures, etc. in particular. This also explores the civilizations and the distinctive institutions to be an organized society. The project work will be like selecting the historical event and description for that event should be projected.


Sociologists typically study behaviors within larger social structures, including what kinds of people and ideas exert social influence, how and why social groups form and how a certain law may affect a specific section of the population. They most often work with research organizations, colleges and state and local governments.

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