Doctorate & Post Doctorate in
Latin America Studies

The doctoral program is largely concerned with the states, cultures and societies of Latin America and gives young researchers the opportunity to complete their doctorate in an interdisciplinary and internationally oriented curriculum and research program. During the course of the program and the research process, different perspectives are brought together and expanded on with interdisciplinary and regional knowledge.

The goal of the doctoral program is to train highly qualified researchers and provide them with the necessary support for carrying out exceptional research in their chosen areas of specialization (Cultural and Social Anthropology, Gender Studies, History, Literature and Cultures of Latin American, Economics, Political Science and Sociology).

Because the shared research object of Latin America has been reconceived in many ways, it is necessary to continually review and reconstruct the division of labor between specialized regional knowledge transfer and systematically oriented disciplines. The complex economic, social and cultural transformations in Latin America also call into question the research perspectives of the individual disciplines.


People who obtain degrees in Latin American studies are often passionately interested in the people, languages and folkways of Latin American countries. However, once you finish your education, you may have to look harder for a job than someone with a degree in a concrete skill like accounting. Fortunately, in a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, there are many opportunities in various sectors of the workforce for people who are well-versed in Latin American culture.

The largest employers of Latin American studies majors are: State and local government, Federal government, Professional, scientific and technical services etc.

Many opportunities are available in the United States as well. One area that people with a degree in Latin American studies should consider is public service. Since law enforcement, family support agencies and schools often serve people from Latin America, they value employees who are knowledgeable about the culture.

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