Doctorate & Post Doctorate in Linguistics

Ph.D. in Linguistics course has been designed to specialize the students in the field of gathering in-depth knowledge of theoretical issues in the field of Applied Linguistics. It is an interdisciplinary field combining computing and rule-based modeling of natural language, computational linguistics, Translators for industry jargons, etc.

Ph.D. in Linguistics program makes the students on how we differentiate speech sounds, how we code ideas into a language (semantics), how language works socially (pragmatics), how we can simulate language on a computer (Natural Language Processing), big data analysis of speech and language (computational linguistics), etc.

One of the main aims of Ph.D. in Linguistics course is to prepare the students to provide advanced training in the field of sound, syntax, and in second language acquisition, as well as training in linguistic computing and experience in presenting original research in professional values. The course includes identifying and codifying the current meaning and usage of words (lexicography), studying how language has changed over time (historical linguistics), documenting undocumented languages for study (language documentation), reconstructing and encouraging the growth of dead or dying languages (language revitalization), etc.


Ph.D. in Linguistics Degree holders can work as an audiologist, Language planner, Technical writer, Translator, Publisher, Editor, copywriter, Broadcaster or News Reader, Teacher, Lexicographer, Tour Operator, Researcher, Language planner, etc. The major hiring companies in this field are the government organizations, child, health and education work, teaching assistants, marketing associate professionals.

After the completion of the doctoral in linguistics, students can also plan for the post-doctorate fellowship in Indian as well as in the International universities. More important, it is the fact that more and more linguistics professionals have computational and data analysis skills that make them eminently employable in the private as well as some of the top government organizations.

Job is to write, compile and edit dictionaries for both print and online publication.

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